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Types of data

Connect to a variety of raw and aggregated cryptocurrency data.

  • Trade data

    Trade data

    For each collected trade, we store the tradeID, timestamp, exchange, pair, quote, base, price, volume, and buy/sell side

  • Order Book

    Order Books

    Quotes and L2 order books are provided with timestamps, price, amount, exchange, pair, and buy/sell side

  • Indices


    Access volume weighted average price (VWAP) data from top exchanges and digital assets



    OHLCV is provided for 10 different candle sizes across all supported markets where the relationship between each trade and OHLCV data can be correlated

  • Technical Indicators

    Technical Indicators

    Our historical database provides access to 15 predefined technical indicators from supported markets

  • Sentiment


    Gain access to a live sentiment feed (taken every 5 minutes) for the top 100 digital assets

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Service description

Historical database as a service

Available with a Professional or Enterprise DataStreams subscription and includes all data you need. Gain access to trades, order books, indices, OHLCV, technical indicators and sentiment. Our historical database provides a rolling window of 2 months with predefined APIs for queries.

Downloadable historical data

Available without a subscription and accessible across all supported markets and exchanges with trades, L2 order books, indices and token sentiment data.

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