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Algorithmic Strategy Creator

Algorithmic Strategy Creator

Creating crypto trading strategies has never been easier. Design, backtest, forward test, and run multiple algorithmic trading strategies with a simple drag-and-drop strategy creator. Using the power of DataStreams and Historical, create strategies for arbitrage, market making, technical analysis, and much more. Seize trading opportunities with custom trading bots and technical signals. DPP Platform also offers highly flexible decision order-making and access to advanced asset management tools with comprehensive insight into your digital assets portfolio. Generate Alpha and trade like a pro.

Execution Management System

Execution Management System

EMS is integrated within DPP Platform, optimizing order execution with minimal market impact. EMS can be used for trading across 100+ exchanges, seizing arbitrage opportunities, scalping, and market making.With Smart Order Routing and Time Weighted Average Price algorithms, EMS optimizes block trade executions across several exchanges while obtaining the best buy/sell order quotes and minimizing market impact.

Take control of the crypto market

  • DataStreams / Historical


    The foundation of DPP Platform, these two services deliver live raw market data and historical data, including live buy/sell orders and quotes (L1/L2 order books) from 14,000+ markets

  • Backtesting


    Access and analyze historical data with coverage beginning from January 2013. Start optimizing your algorithmic strategies today

  • Forward Testing

    Forward Testing

    Test algorithmic strategies risk-free using a simulated order book

  • Private cloud

    Private cloud

    Gain access to a secure private cloud environment dedicated to each user