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Digital Assets Power Play Ltd. (hereafter: DPP) is the leading developer of algorithmic trading tools, services, and software. The DPP platform is a culmination of years of research and development, aimed at enhancing trading processes and optimizing algorithmic trading strategies. DPP offers a full suite of revolutionary, easy-to-use tools for algo strategy creation. DPP DataStreams, DPP Historical, DPP Trader+, DPP TradeVenue and DPP Coinvestor are all scheduled to launch between Q3 2018 and Q1 2019.

Traders deserve better. We’re giving them peace of mind,” says CEO Matej Ujevic. “By providing market data, trading tools, and the ability to make trading decisions 24/7, traders can focus on what they do best,” adds Ujevic. “After spending time with the DPP platform, we want people to ask themselves, ‘How did I ever trade without this?’

Our mission is to empower crypto traders. DPP will simplify the crypto trading process and allow anyone to trade like a professional.


  • Matej Ujevic

    Matej Ujevic


  • Nikola Jokic

    Nikola Jokic


  • Sasa Hunjak

    Sasa Hunjak


  • Milovan Pasini

    Milovan Pasini



  • Dino Pasalic

    Dino Pasalic

    Head of Marketing & Communications

  • Sinisa Maravic

    Sinisa Maravic

    Sales and Support Manager

  • Zlatko Anusic

    Zlatko Anusic

    Lead Software Architect

  • Vedran Krecl

    Vedran Krecl

    Senior Backend Developer

  • Marko Canadi

    Marko Canadi

    Algorithmic Trading Specialist

  • Davor Eric

    Davor Eric

    Lead Frontend Developer

  • Filip Kaic

    Filip Kaic

    Lead Smart Contract Developer

  • Boris Milovanovic

    Boris Milovanovic

    Hardware and Security Manager

  • Kristijan Ujevic

    Kristijan Ujevic

    Smart Contract Developer

  • Franjo Piskur

    Franjo Piskur

    Senior Software Architect

  • Filip Lasic

    Filip Lasic

    Senior Software Architect

  • Luka Kovac

    Luka Kovac

    IT Systems & Networking

  • Josip Krapac, PhD

    Josip Krapac, PhD

    Artificial Intelligence Consultant

  • Goran Rozic

    Goran Rozic


  • Petra Krizan

    Petra Krizan

    Senior Software Architect

  • Natalija Savcukov

    Natalija Savcukov

    Enterprise Sales

Advisors & Brand Ambassadors

  • Mate Naletilic

    Mate Naletilic

    Brand Ambassador (Europe)

  • Kwasi Asare

    Kwasi Asare

    Brand Ambassador (North America)

  • Deryck F. Graham

    Deryck F. Graham

    Business Development Advisor

  • Dennis Rukavina

    Dennis Rukavina

    Business Development Advisor

  • Mitja Pirc

    Mitja Pirc

    Business Strategy Advisor

  • Bojan Crnkovic

    Bojan Crnkovic

    Trading and Financial Advisor

  • Janko Flogel, PhD

    Janko Flogel, PhD

    Science Advisor

  • Antonio Novak

    Antonio Novak

    Data Scientist Consultant

  • Mihovil Zuzul

    Mihovil Zuzul

    User Education Advisor

  • Daniel Bara, PhD

    Daniel Bara, PhD

    GDPR Consultant