Technology building blocks for
digital assets trading automation

By utilising platform building blocks, users will gain power play over the other market participants, boosting returns by numerous trading and investment opportunities powered by our platform tools and services. We are the technology building blocks for digital assets.

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One stop shop

Multiple exchange single API access

Simplicity of strategy design

Drag and drop strategy design thus enabling rapid strategy deployment

Test and Automation

Develop and test strategies in sandbox. Successfully deploy automated strategies

Better execution and reduced risks

Reduce the risk of exchange downtime, control and mitigate operational risk of trading

Best informed

Access all historical and live trading data

Top-notch strategies

Access and follow proven top-notch trading strategies

Business plan

Market challenges

Crypto market participants are facing numerous operational and strategic challenges related to trading which prevent them from maximizing returns on their investments. The operational challenges range from the lack of a single point of view of all digital assets spread across numerous exchanges, opening and management of multiple accounts, exchange downtime to the lack of clearing between exchanges.

The strategic challenges refer to limited access to data, inability to test trading strategies as well as developing cross-exchange and cross-asset strategies (e.g. arbitrage or taking into account correlations between certain assets). Therefore, managing digital assets, developing, testing and executing strategies are time consuming and slow, and eventually lead to many missed trading opportunities.

Our vision

Empower your digital assets investments.

Enable your digital assets to work for you. We are a strong believers that managing your asset should be automated and quickly realigned and readjusted to each of your present circumstances and for the risk/reward appetite. By having investments automated and by having them run by personal AI agents, decisions will be realigned to each individual circumstances.


Power Digital Assets Investor

Everyday investor with a need for single view across exchanges and the need to use elaborate trading strategies to boost returns.

Fintech Developer

Strategy developer efficient in programme languages and willing to develop top-notch strategies for power investors and fintech companies.

Fintech Company

Companies participating in digital assets trading and investments that will use the platform building blocks to optimise their operations, access liquidity and reduce costs. Moreover, they will boost performance and assets under management by opening strategies to other users.

Power Digital Assets Investor
FinTech Developer
FinTech Company
Multiple exchange single API access Check Check Check
Strategy building blocks Check Check Check
R&D top-notch strategies Check Check
Monetize – earn token fees Check Check
Leverage & liquidity Check Check Check
Digital wallets Check Check Check

Proven solution

Digital Assets Power Play’s founding partner Krypto Investment Partners (KIP) has been using its own cross-exchange and cross-assets trading platform, called KIP’s Eye system, for the last 18 months. KIP’s trading strategies deployed on the system have yielded a positive risk reward ratios (the Sharpe ratio is 2237%) with average monthly returns of over 9%, and low beta, whilst ensuring enhanced management of the assets and risk control. The current pilot system is developed as a geographically distributed network of nodes which collects social and market data and uses the shortest network routes that provide us with real-time data collection and processing. We plan to expand and scale existing platform to support multiple user types in the development, testing and implementation of their own strategies. It is also necessary to scale operations in order to provide clearing and settlement between user wallets, exchanges and the platform. Current software implementation and lessons learned will serve as a basis for the development of the Digital Assets Power Play platform.


Matej Ujević


Seasoned startup operator who has successfully started and run telecom, cloud and fintech companies. Feels excited about prospects offered by the platform and workload involved in the development.

Milovan Pasini


True believer in blockchain technology. Extremely focused on things to be completed till the very end.

Nikola Jokić


Blockchain developer, father, entrepreneur and a professional “Jack of all trades“. Focused on developing software by utilising blockchain technologies. Hyper-enthusiastic about tokenised future of trust and smart contracts.

Saša Hunjak


‘Data is new money.’ Interested in ever changing market and new financial technologies.


Zlatko Anušić

Software Architect

Software architect with extensive experience in big government and industrial projects. Having inside knowledge in voting and tax systems, he’s ready for blockchains.

Filip Kaić

Node Master

Master of node delivering large production-ready solutions for governments in a heartbeat.

Davor Erić

Front-End & JavaScript Specialist

His experience in frontend development makes him engage in this project with his heart and soul.

IT System & Networking

Boris Milovanović

IT System & Security

He gets a kick out of building proprietary distributed systems and testing their security.

Luka Kovač


Founder and CEO of telecommunications and cloud company. It’s all about speed.

Data Analysts

Antonio Novak

Data Scientist

Trading is reaching a completely new level. Blockchain and neural networks will become game-changers providing a new level of data security and more reliable insight for understanding customer behavior.

Damir Vrsajković

Data Scientist

‘So much data equals so many opportunities.’

Artificial Inteligence

Ivan Filković

Artificial Intelligence Consultant

‘Automation and AI agents will come to rule banking & trading.’

Phd. Josip Krapac

Artificial Intelligence Lead Scientist

‘Self-reinforced learning is the main game in town.’


PhD Janko Flogel

Science Advisor

Since he started work on neural networks more than 20 years ago and has developed companies that have used such technologies, he is looking forward to helping the team reach their goals.

Bojan Crnković

Trading & Finance Advisor

After his experience in trading for Deutche Bank “traditional” assets, he is looking forward to developing a state-of-the-art trading platform.

Mihovil Žužul

User Education Advisor

CEO of educational publishing house. ‘We need to educate and empower users.’

Dr. Mitja Pirc

Strategy Advisor

Strategy and advisory to drive projects that deliver business value. Blockchain is a perfect playground for his background in consulting, mathematics, economics and startup experience. Cross industry and cross country experience in over a hundred strategy consulting projects in the last 15 years.


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