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  • DPP DataStreams

    Early access release
    August 2018

  • DPP DataStreams

    Service launch
    September 2018

  • DPP Trader+

    Alpha release
    November 2018

  • DPP Historical
    DPP Trader+

    Service launch
    Q1 2019

  • DPP TradeVenue

    Service launch
    Q2 2019

  • DPP Coinvestor

    Service launch
    Q3 2019

DPP DataStreams

When it comes to algorithmic trading, providing timely and vast quantities of market data is crucial. Analyzing market data, finding correlations and discovering trading opportunities has never been easier. Access simple API connectivity to a variety of consolidated and processed crypto market data. Built for algorithmic traders, application developers, and big data scientists, DPP DataStreams provides access to:

  • Real time trades/ticks
  • Real-time L1/L2 Order Book
  • Candles
  • Technical Indicators
  • Indices
  • AI Predictive Models
  • News
  • Sentiment
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A single API with all
the crypto data you need

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    Collecting live market data

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    Collecting live crypto market data, providing trades, L1/L2 order books, candles and technical indicators

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    Collecting live market data, news and sentiment

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    Currency Pairs

    Tradable currency pairs across exchanges

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    Custom market indices

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    Analyse historical data from exchanges

DPP Historical

Connect to a consolidated and normalised database of historical data. Access data from 28 exchanges and over 3,400 markets across any point in time. Simply choose your desired market data, period in time and the data content will be prepared for delivery. DPP Historical service can be used for backtesting, plotting candles and calculating technical indicators, big data analysis and AI modelling.

DPP Trader+

A revolutionary algorithmic crypto trading platform built on top of DPP DataStreams and DPP Historical. With Trader+ users will have a full suite of easy-to-use tools and services for building, testing, and deploying algorithmic trading strategies without any prior programming knowledge. Users will have their own private cloud environment, ensuring top level security. By having access to DPP DataStreams, users can quickly design their own arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, scalping, market making, and trend following algorithmic strategies. These algorithmic strategies will be able to route trades to DPP TradeVenue or any number of supported exchanges.

DPP TradeVenue

DPP TradeVenue will be a marketplace for the fastest algorithmic trade executions - an internal exchange within the DPP ecosystem. Strategies created in Trader+ will be able to place orders via DPP TradeVenue. It will operate as a neutral venue, matching buy and sell orders in accordance with non-discretionary rules. It will utilise smart contracts and private and public blockchain networks.

DPP Coinvestor

Don’t have the time or knowledge to program you own trading strategies? With the power of smart contracts, DPP Coinvestor provides access to any algorithmic strategy created and shared by DPP users. Crypto traders and institutions will be able to open their algorithmic strategies to third parties allowing them to co-invest into the best performing strategies.

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